Executive Officers

Jack Starkey
I’m Jack Starkey from Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I enjoy skiing and playing golf but always keep in mind where there’s no risk, there’s no reward.

Drake Williams
Novice Marshal
“One heck of a guy” – New York Times
“The perfect gentleman” – Washington Post
“I wish I could be more like him” – Most Interesting Man in the World
“He’s the background on my phone” – Mom
“Best night of my life” – Miss Colorado
“My hero” – Batman

Doug Shapiro
Lieutenant Commander
Doug is currently a sophomore from Scottsdale, Arizona studying communications and psychology. He loves golf, football, and skiing. He is not a player… He is the game. If opportunity knocks and he isn’t home, opportunity awaits. He bowls overhand.

James McConnell
Eminent Commander
Hi I’m James McConnell, I am from Austin, Texas. I enjoy skiing and other outdoor activities. I am also proficient in nunchucks and bow hunting. I’m a nice guy so say hi next time you see me.

Nicholas Shelton
As an Accounting and Finance major, Nick works hard to succeed everyday. He never settles for less than his best and puts in the maximum amount of effort possible with everything he does. In his free time, Nick enjoys skiing and mountain biking, as well as playing Words with Friends.

Marcus Dimeo
The Sasquatch has taken a photograph of him. Mosquitos don’t bite him, purely out of respect. The last time he flirted with danger, danger got clingy. Marcus Anthony Dimeo is an engineer, majoring in Environmental Engineering and minoring in Energy Engineering. From Portland, Oregon, he enjoys hiking, snowboarding, traveling, and socializing with his brothers and other members of the Boulder community. Often referred to as the best looking executive officer.

Trent Seybold
Trent is from Thousand Oaks, California and is a finance and accounting major in the Leeds School of Business. He enjoys snowboarding and hanging out with his friends in his free time.

David Kidd
Scholarship Chairman
David is pursuing a dual degree in business marketing and political science at the University of Colorado Boulder. On campus he is involved in the Leeds Scholars Program, Leeds Consulting Group and Engineers without Borders. His most prominent interests lie in the fields of law, consulting, and business strategy. Post graduation David plans to attend law school and work in international politics