Sigma Nu Rush

“We would like to welcome our new Fall 2017 candidates!

After going through a long two week process, the active members of Sigma Nu have carefully chosen 39 excellent gentlemen to be the chapter’s new class of candidates. These candidates are who the chapter believe will best uphold its principles of Love, Truth, and Honor, and continue to represent Sigma Nu Gamma Kappa as the great chapter that it is. Sigma Nu couldn’t be more excited to see what such an intelligent, hardworking, diverse, and athletic group of students can do!”

Sigma Nu Rush
Sigma Nu, above all, is a brotherhood. The friendships and memories we form here last a lifetime. Fraternity, for us, is all about supporting one another, and working together to build a powerful collegiate experience. Sigma Nu in not just four years, it’s life.

Our Beginnings
It was in October 1868 when our Founding Fathers made their purpose clear – to create a fraternal organization unlike any other, one that held the personal honor and integrity of its membership in the highest regard. Their idea has since become a tradition no single individual could have possibly imagined … a legacy of Honor, unparalleled in scope, continues today.

In 1902 Sigma Nu Chartered the Gamma Kappa Chapter at the University of Colorado in Boulder. Our Chapter has the distinct honor of being the oldest Fraternity at CU. We have initiated 2000 Knights into the Legion of Honor. Gamma Kappa has changed 2000 lives.

Fraternities go beyond four years of college:
To join Sigma Nu is to join the ranks of thousands of honorable men for life. United under the tenets of Love, Honor, and Truth, brothers of Sigma Nu strive to better themselves, each other, and the world around them every day of their lives. These simple yet deeply profound promises are all one must give to be eligible to join.